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The One Hit Wonders Show features all the elements of a full scale Las Vegas level production.  The Big Band, the costumes, the props ... and those great songs that You Forgot You Love !


Producer/Performer Rann Berry refers to the show as a musical tribute to an era, and not to any one artist or band. That era being the mid 60s to the mid 70s. Berry explains, “This slice in time produced such a wealth of incredible memorable hits, many of which were One Hit Wonders. We’ve lovingly incorporated these amazing songs into this nostalgic musical journey.  These are powerful songs, which bring back powerful memories."


Berry ads “We’ve tackled some really challenging songs. “MacArthur Park” comes to mind…   We’ve also included songs by female singers as well.  Hits like “ To Sir With Love” by LuLu, or “Venus” by Shocking Blue“.

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What people are saying about The One Hit Wonders Show:


“We’ve had 3 sold out performances of Rann Berry’s One Hit Wonders Show. The level of professionalism is second to none and the audiences show their appreciation with standing ovations every time.”

Horst Jassmann, Creekside Theatre



“Rann Berry and his top notch band gave us all an evening to remember. The humorous stories and trivia about these well known songs really made the musical buffet of memories complete.  Don't miss this show!"

Dan Caverly, Quinntex Entertainment



That was a great show!  Who'd have thought “Seasons in the Sun” would prove to be so … interactive.

Mark MJ Theobald, Bell Media Music Director



 “Rann Berry, backed by an amazing eight-piece band brings back some great and almost forgotten memories of songs by one-hit wonders — some good, some cornball but all a tremendous amount of fun."

James Miller, Editor, Penticton Herald



“A must see show with humor, nostalgia and excellent performances throughout. Loved the tunes!  It brought tears my eyes”.

Jasmin Doobay, Power 104



This show consistently fills our theatre, and receives numerous standing ovations every time. It’s a Hit !

Randy Zahara, Kelowna Community Theatre Manager



From the opening song to the final tune of the night,  Rann Berry led music lovers down memory lane with a continuous set of great music.  The “One Hit Wonders” is a fresh idea that is thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

Top-notch show…  Well done!

Charlie Hodge, Capital News Columnist

Rann Berry performs with the Go Go Dancers during the One Hit Wonders Show.
Image of the One Hit Wonders Show Horn Section and Musical Director.
Image of Rann Berry performing Lulu's To Sir With Love.
Image of Rann Berry appreciating the moment during his performance.
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Image of One Hit Wonders promotional poster.